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The Right to Clean Water

When you turn on your faucet, do you think about it? How infinitely powerful it is that you have clean, drinkable water at arm’s length nearly everywhere you go? This simple circumstance may be standard for you, but elsewhere on … Read More

Overview of Cardano: Sustainable, Scalable, and Interoperable

We’re now in the third generation of cryptocurrencies, where we’ve realized that popular first-generation cryptos like Bitcoin and second-gen ones like Ethereum have proven unable to scale to millions and even billions of users.  Notwithstanding all their advantages, first and … Read More

Cardano: The Hundred-Year Blockchain

A blockchain platform for visionaries and innovators, Cardano has the technologies and tools to enact positive global change. The decentralized community that built this blockchain protocol, comprised of engineers, scientists, and pacesetters, joined efforts to rise to the challenge of … Read More